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The Golden Hour
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I live, paint & play in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta. I have a deep appreciation for the landscape. The Rocky Mountains, ravines, forests, trees & lakes inspire me to paint original, joyful paintings layered with vibrant colour and lively brushstrokes.


Every painting tells a story, holds a memory and creates connections. 


I work primarily in acrylics that allow me to layer paint transparently and opaquely over a jewel-toned underpainting that often peeks through. I inject my paintings with intensified colours, quiet the chaos of shapes to extract the essence of a place. 


Gallery Wall Collection
Forest Light

I paint the things that I find beautiful and interesting. Often those things are overlooked because they seem ordinary. I'm always looking up -- watching clouds move and morph or marvelling at the sunlight pass through a thick canopy of trees.


If your plan is to bring some joyful, original art into your life and home, I'd love to make that plan happen.  

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"My daughter and I have both purchased paintings from Karen and we absolutely are in love with them. They bring indescribable joy and happiness, we love the bold colours and they take us to places that are familiar and wanting. Always looking to see what is on the easel next."                                                                                                                                         Evelyn Faulkner Edmonton Alberta 

"My favorites are Karen’s ravine and mountain paintings.   I love the way the trees seem to envelop me right into the painting and the mountains evoke a sense of wonder and peace in me.  It’s like I visit those places through the paintings."                                                                           Teena Maclure Edmonton Alberta     

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FOR 2024

My book is now open for commissions in March 2024. I just finished this one of Slave Lake, Alberta. I'd love to immortalize your happy place. 

Contact me and we can have a zoom call to chat about the process.

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I'm a proud member of the Federation of Canadian Artists which was started by 3 of the Group of Seven artists! 

Their beautiful gallery is on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. You can find me online & often in their gallery.

And I sit on the board of our local Edmonton Chapter as the exhibition chair.

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