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take an artist to work day


Not a teacher? You can do art too, of course. In fact I encourage it!



Not long ago I stepped into the foreign world of university administration and collaborated with them to create an amazing 4X8 foot diptych together as they looked to unify their mission statement. 

To the right is the 4x8' diptych created from their individual collaged pieces and Kandinsky-inspired "leaves". This piece is now installed in the Governance Office at the University of Alberta.

I'm honoured that it is also part of the University's Permanent Art Collection.

Flexx_3327__Web 3.JPG
image000000 2.HEIC
Flexx_3524__Web 2.jpg



10430 180 St NW, Edmonton, AB


This is the transformation of an otherwise boring concrete building into an Edmonton art piece & landmark. 

What happens when you take an artist to work? Flexxaire built a brand new machine shop & decided to go with my bold proposal of a Mondrian-inspired exterior. It looks phenomenal.


The grand opening was quite the event showcasing their innovation, high tech design manufacturing within a this funky, colourful shell.



This collaborative mural was created by Tec 245: a business group in Edmonton during their retreat in Ottawa.

Each member painted several circles and I created the overall composition and mounted it on a 5x5' birch panel.

The piece was then auctioned off at their Christmas banquet and all the money raised went to the food bank.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.16.38

It's tough to decide which brings me greater joy: making art or teaching art. So I decided I don't have to decide. I do both. I could wax eloquent about how important tapping into our creative selves is, but why don't I just come to your workplace for a time and we can explore this together? We can call it group therapy, business development, morale boosting, art education or serious play (which was the name of my last workshop). 


A warning: this may unleash some serious creativity and joy. It may even lower your stress levels or make you feel euphoric, curious, fearless, and maybe even a little bit like a kid. 

It's easy! I will actually come to visit you. 

I live in Edmonton, but I'm allowed to go wherever I like, because I'm a grown up. So let's make it happen. 

Please go to my contact page and send me an email or call me if you'd like to bring me to work.

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