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In this series of paintings I'm going back to my roots--depicting places I grew up in. Looking back at what I love to paint, I realized that so much of what I find beautiful is the landscape that surrounded me as a kid growing up in Millcreek ravine.   The Japanese term shinrin-yoku translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere.” I've been absorbing the forest my whole life. I think tall trees made me feel small and enveloped. But also it evoked in me awe and wonder. It's no surprise, then, when I see the paintings I've created in the past, they are mostly some expression of these elements. They still spark the desire to explore my beautiful expansive backyard.

Heading 1


During those moments of Covid where restrictions were lifted I visited Nova Scotia for the first time (huge bucket list item) and also spent time on Vancouver Island (near Comox). These paintings were the result of those incredible Canadian spaces. For a land-locked Alberta girl it's so wonderful to visit our coasts and rehydrate. I took literally hundreds of photos, so there will be more paintings to come. 


I can't decide which I love better: painting trees or painting mountains. Good thing I don't have to choose. I remember driving to the Rockies on vacation as a kid--well no, I was drugged up on Gravel because I got so carsick. This probably explains why, when I came out of my groggy stupor and realized these majestic, giant, towering rocks around our car, I was in awe! That feeling has not left me--I am called to the mountains. I've been painting or drawing mountains in all styles my whole life--it's a life series, so here are a few of my favourites.


This series was sparked while walking in Canmore town, where it's busy with people but also right in the middle of animal habitats. Often you see wildlife roaming around--even a bear made a very brief visit into a Brazilian restaurant on Main Street!--but what's hidden in the forest and trees just steps away from the paved or gravel trails are the homes of many creatures, most of those we don't see. For this series I used both pre-made stencils & ones I created myself to make these paintings full of pattern. Some paintings in the series aren't featuring animals but I just wanted to keep playing with my stencils. There will be more!



This series is simply all about atmosphere--endless skies and morphing clouds. The skies where I live are, more often than not, simply breathtaking. They fascinate me--especially the skies alive with shapes and colour. I've been studying them my whole life, painting them for over 30 years. This ongoing series express my experiences driving the Alberta highways, walking in open fields or just looking up. 

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