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In this FOREST BATHING series of paintings I'm going back to my roots--depicting places I grew up in. Looking back at what I love to paint, I realized that so much of what I find beautiful is the landscape that surrounded me as a kid growing up in Millcreek ravine.   The Japanese term shinrin-yoku translates to “forest bathing” or “absorbing the forest atmosphere.” I've been absorbing the forest my whole life. I think tall trees made me feel small and enveloped. But also it evoked in me awe and wonder. It's no surprise, then, when I see the paintings I've created in the past, they are mostly some expression of these elements. They still spark the desire to explore my beautiful expansive backyard.

Heading 1

Mountain Landscape


I can't decide which I love better: painting trees or painting mountains. Good thing I don't have to choose. I remember driving to the Rockies on vacation as a kid--well no, I was drugged up on Gravel because I got so carsick. This probably explains why, when I came out of my groggy stupor and realized these majestic, giant, towering rocks around our car, I was in awe! That feeling has not left me--I am called to the mountains. I've been painting or drawing mountains in all styles my whole life--it's a life series, so here are a few of my favourites in my ROCKY MOUNTAIN SERIES.


I visited Nova Scotia for the first time (huge bucket list item) a year ago and also spent time on Vancouver Island (near Comox). These paintings were the result of those incredible Canadian spaces. For a land-locked Alberta girl it's so wonderful to visit our coasts and rehydrate. I took literally hundreds of photos, so there will be more paintings to come in this COASTAL SERIES. 

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