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teacher's development & workshops

Play & Learn

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I offer PD day workshops to give teachers the opportunity to hone their skills, learn new ones, or to simply play with art materials because teachers need to decompress and refill their creative souls.


Edmonton Public School teachers can sign up for my Saturday workshops through Local 37. 


I am happy to arrange workshops for other groups too.

ATA's Local 37 Teachers'

Wee Watercolour Workshop

January 18th 2020

Hosted another watercolour workshop open to all Edmonton Public School teachers. This workshop focused on working on a variety of techniques simultaneously on a number of 4x6" minis. Teacher's could work on their skills & take home a number of potential projects to teach their students. 

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Teachers' Mural

A number of murals were done with the grade 5s & 6s at Ardrossan Elementary School.

Why should students have all the fun? This one was done by the teachers.

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