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School Projects


Wouldn't you love to bring a living, breathing artist into your classroom to show your students that art really does matter, art really can be learned, art isn't for only the innately gifted ones, art is good for your spirit, brain & body. 

Let's do painting & drawing.

Or let's do clay.

Or let's do something together and make a beautiful collaborative something.




Miss Karen to students. I have over 15 years experience teaching fine art in a variety of media: painting in acrylic and watercolour, mixed media as well as clay. I’m a local Edmonton artist with a B.Ed in elementary education who both teaches art and creates my own artwork.



I come to you! I do individual classes: painting, clay & class murals. And school-wide projects: Pacific Northwest totem poles & school murals. Fundraiser projects, staff murals & teacher’s workshops are also options. 

Samples of projects I've done are under the samples page but I am happy to customize projects to your curricular needs as well. 




I love bringing art to classrooms. I'm passionate about teaching children the elements and principles of art that will build a foundation for all their future art, become creative problem solvers, as well as help them to see the world through artist’s eyes. Whatever the project, I encourage them to create something uniquely their own and often I use artists to inspire and exemplify the art concepts that I'd like them to focus on. Demonstrations, discussion and hands-on work are the framework of my art lessons, and it is always a delight to see what the students create.


Many teachers don’t have the time or inclination to do much art themselves or reference artists and their works of art and styles. Teachers can’t be experts in everything. But it’s what I do. I’m always looking for inspirational works and methods of art to better myself as an artist and to teach students and teachers what I’ve been learning. 


Bringing art to the classroom is not so much about the end product, it is more about learning to love and appreciate art through trying out techniques that are building blocks to explore and imagine creative ways to express ourselves now and in future art and in other areas of learning. 


Art is fun, art is essential and art can be learned. I’d love to teach you what I’ve discovered.

Click here to see some student art samples


Click here to visit my blog to see even more student artworks 

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